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Starlight Reflection

"Jane Leslie... has created music that will calm and uplift you as well as capture your heart... There isn't anyone I can imagine who wouldn't enjoy this music..."

                    - Review

"Jane Leslie’s CD Starlight Reflection is an excellent addition to the fascinating genre of new age or easy listening music. The overall mood is one of tranquility and calm. Many of the pieces sound as if they are “songs without words” – they have lovely melodies against a backdrop of gentle, seemingly-improvised harmonies... sonic landscapes or illustrations of states of mind... to create a peaceful atmosphere."

                    - Review

Jane Leslie at the piano

"I heard Jane Leslie perform live and had to take home the music she played so I could listen to it again and again. Starlight Reflection has since become one of my must-listens during the holidays, but it's also great any time of year when you want something peaceful and beautiful playing in the background while working, or simply relaxing. Jane is a very talented pianist and composer, as well as a delightful person with a passion for music. Highly recommend this CD!"

                     - Review


Southampton Sunset

“Jane Leslie’s piano compositions are at times romantic and lush, at other times upbeat and pop, but they are never clichéd. Her performances are sensitive and deep and, in this offering, she presents a nicely varied program of piano solos. ‘Breezin’ is fun, plain and simple, while ‘Bittersweet’ is a perfect musical expression of that title – and truly beautiful. It would be an easy task to write about every selection on this album; they are all excellent. A pleasant job indeed to review music which so clearly expresses the joy of the composer. Well done, Jane Leslie!"

                    - Creations Magazine

“Absolutely beautiful... Sit back, relax and let your imagination run as Jane's music flows through you... I haven't heard music like this in a very long time... Would be fantastic music for a romantic movie.”

                    - iTunes Review


"These beautiful piano solos, composed and performed by Jane Leslie, will soothe your soul, and help you manage the stress in your life..."

                    - Creations Magazine


"In 'Dreamsongs'... the artist has masterfully achieved a wonderful blend of diverse styles..."

                    - Amazing Sounds Magazine




Piano Solos:    Jane Leslie, pianist-composer

"Composer-Pianist Jane Leslie gave a stellar performance at the Montauk [New York] Library... What I liked most about... 'Joy' was the upbeat mood that it brought. I found myself swaying from side to side, imitating the ripples of the ocean... After a standing ovation, Ms. Leslie graced us with an encore called 'Celebration'... to end the wonderful evening...”

       - The Montauk Pioneer

Piano Duets:    The Kaplan Duo   'WOMEN IN MUSIC' FESTIVAL, Rochester, New York

"... The concert ended with two pieces by Jane Leslie.  'A Walk in the Country' was an effective ballad, a pop song without words. Cascading pianistic flourishes enriched the lovely lyrical melody. 'Fanfare' started with a high propulsive ostinato... Some Bartokian parallelisms were employed with great brilliance, and after a more melodic interlude, the opening ostinato was brought back for an exhilarating conclusion. This piece was a real showstopper and a great choice."

     - Liane Curtis, Women's Philharmonic Blog

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