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Clarinetist Thomas Piercy performed Jane Leslie's piece, “Celebration” (from Passages for clarinet and piano), in his "New York and Tokyo" concert series this concert season.  The concert is also called  “Celebration!”   The New York concert took place in September, and was live-streamed from the National Opera Center, Scorca Hall.
Thomas Piercy concert flyer.png
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Jane Leslie was honored to be one of the winners of a “jingle” contest for New Age Notes Radio.   For the contest, she arranged a three-note theme and recorded it in her own style.  Click here to hear the winning jingles.  (This page will also have a link to the New Age Notes radio station live stream.)
The Canta Libre Ensemble performed  Jane Leslie's Enchanted Moon for violin and harp, and October Song for cello and harp during the 2020-21 season.
Jane Leslie's music was performed by the Canta Libre Ensemble.
Pianist Anna Sutyagina has recorded videos of her performances of Jane Leslie’s Starlight Reflection and Shorebirds.  Her website,  “Moving Classics TV” includes a webpage about Jane Leslie.
Jane Leslie's recording "Floating" was nominated for Best Solo Piano Single by One World Music Radio.
 Jane Leslie's piano recording, Floating was nominated for an award by One World Music Radio, for "Best Solo Piano Single" for 2020. 
Jane Leslie’s piano music is featured in numerous videos on the “Piano Traume” YouTube channel, showcasing music of the modern classical genre.
The Flutissimo! Flute Quartet performed Jane Leslie's Dune Beach in their spring concert video, starting at 23:23 in the video:    

Flutissimo! flute quartet performs Jane Leslie's music

Two new single recordings, Floating and Shorebirds  - 
Piano solos composed and performed by Jane Leslie.
Jane Leslie - Floating - piano solo
Jane Leslie - Shorebirds - piano solo
The Kaplan Duo performs Jane Leslie's music
The Kaplan Duo performed Jane Leslie’s piano duets, Fanfare, A Walk in the Country, and City Nights during the 2019-2020 concert season, in concerts in New York and Florida. 

The “Classical Music Discoveries” Podcast broadcasted two shows featuring Jane Leslie’s piano music. 
“Shorebirds, Flowing Waters, and Tranquility”   


Pianist Alexander Wu recorded a video performance of  Jane Leslie’s Garden in the Rain.

2018 / 2019

Jane Leslie has hosted an annual concert, “Music by and for Students,” at Hofstra University, Hempstead, New York, sponsored by the Long Island Composers Alliance, to encourage music students to perform and compose new music.

Jane Leslie hosts annual student concert

Clarinetist Carina Canonico performed Jane Leslie’s Passages for clarinet and piano (with Jane Leslie at the piano) in a concert of music by New York composers in Huntington, New York.

Pianist Marvin Rosen performed Jane Leslie’s Garden in the Rain as part of a 2018 concert of music by women composers, in Elizabethtown, New York.  

2016 /2017

Jane Leslie's album, Starlight Reflection was nominated for "Best Solo Piano Album" on

The North Shore Pro Musica performed Jane Leslie’s woodwind quintet, Earth Dreams at several venues, including the Long Island Museum in Stony Brook, New York.


North Shore Pro Musica performs Jane Leslie's music

Music by Jane Leslie was featured on the long-running radio show called “Hildegard to Hildegard,” promoting female composers through the ages, broadcasted on Soundart Radio in England.  

Vocalists Tammy Hensrud and Donna Breitzer performed a concert of music by New York composers in Freeport, New York, including two songs by Jane Leslie.
Pianists Jane Leslie and Christine Dore performed a concert of new piano solos and duets by several New York composers, including music by Jane Leslie, in Huntington, New York.
Jane Leslie performed several piano concerts in the New York area, featuring music from her Starlight Reflection album.

Music from Jane Leslie’s Starlight Reflection album was featured on the syndicated radio show, “Music of our Mothers,” showcasing music by women composers, past and present.


featuring music by Jane Leslie

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